Sunday, December 19, 2010

Have a Sweet Holiday!

Before I take some time of to enjoy the Holidays with my family, I'd like to share some of my favorite recipes with you.  They will all be sweet.  Because that is what I do best.  I can cook, but I am not that great at it, nor do I enjoy it.  Baking is my fav!

This is my all time favorite cookie recipe.  I always receive compliments when I share these cookies.  I love to change it up slightly.  For example I will divide the recipe in half and make 1 half with mini chocolate chips & peanut butter chips and the other half with white chocolate chips & macadamia nuts.  My trick: under cook them ever so slightly.

This recipe I received from my mother's bff.  It were passed down to her by her mother.  When I was a little girl, I look forward to these cookies.  I still look forward to them!  They are so light and delicious.

This last recipe I have never tried but am really excited about.  Usually on Christmas morning I make apple pancakes.  My fiance is not a big fan of anything fruit so I'm going to try this instead. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Have you seen.... A sweet modern Christmas from Sitting in a Tree

Just loving this little video via 100 Layer Cake  
Head over to 100 Layer Cake and checkout more photos!  So fun.


Inspired by my super fun plans for tonight... Blue Man Group!  Going to see the show in Denver.  I have a feeling it will be a lot different from the first time.  I saw it in the tiny Astor Place Theater in NYC when I was 17.  Boy that was a long time ago.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

holiday style

Just a few things I am loving.  You too?
Want to find them....
dress    ♥   necklace     cuff     lights     shoes

Monday, December 13, 2010

escort cards

 I plan on creating something unique for my own wedding.  I love the ideas of having escort cards that double as favors.  I recently added these fabric flower escort cards to my Shop.  I think these flower pins will be a fun little gift for our guests.  And I bet by the end of the night everyone will be wearing them!

 Here are some other sweet ideas I found.  Love the soda bottles!
What will you be doing for your escort cards?  We'd love to know!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

pink, navy & gold

ribbon   ♥   ruffled skirt   ♥   gold cake stand   ♥   necklace   ♥   navy dress   ♥   pink dress   ♥   candle   ♥    bridal hat

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gifted Magazine from Creature Comforts

 Ez from Creature Comforts (with some help) created this gorgeous Holiday Magazine.  There is so many lovely things inside of this magazine.  From diy projects to really fun q&a from some of my favorite bloggers.

Click on any of the images to go directly to the magazine. Enjoy!