Saturday, November 27, 2010

Have You Met.....

Julia and Yuriy Manchik.
The are photographers.  They work together photographing people and weddings.  They recently wed {September 25, 2010}.  Right after the wedding they left for a six month travel adventure.  They are traveling the world!
Their plans:  Paris, London, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, and beyond...
Here is my fav part....  the whole trip is completely on the fly!  The only plan they had was departure tickets to Paris & an apartment for a week in Paris.  That's it!  How brave are they?!
How can they afford it?  They didn't have a typical wedding registry.   Like most of us, they already had pot & pans before the big day.  So they created a travel registry.  Their wedding guests helped send them on this amazing adventure.
Along the way they are journaling their trip and sharing it on their blog.  The pictures are dreamy.  And there are lots of them!
Here are some of my fav:
Check out their wedding photos. 
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